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Sandusky Valley Rider Motorcycle Club (SVR) is a member-operated motocross and off-road riding facility. Members are required to provide support by paying yearly membership dues. Second year and subsequent years dues can be reduced or eliminated by earning points in the SVR points system. This system is designed to reward those members who choose to work and maintaining the grounds, conditioning the track, working at the races and many other tasks required to keep the club operational. Work like this is absolutely necessary to be a successful operation. Members are encouraged to participate in workdays as well as club meetings and race days. Fill out a Membership Application Form to get started with SVR by clicking the link below.


Memberships to Sandusky Valley Riders Motorcycle Club can be obtained by registering with a club officer at one of our regularly scheduled meetings. Our meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month starting at 8:00 p.m. in the summer and at 7:00 p.m. in the winter. Meetings are held at our clubhouse.


We now accept quad riders to be members at SVR. However, quad riders are not permitted on the motocross track. Quad riders are only permitted to ride the trails at SVR.


All memberships are family memberships. Children 18 and under are included in on your membership.


First year membership dues are $300 plus a refundable $200 initiation fee.  The initiation fee will be returned upon new member signing up to work a needed position at an upcoming event and maintaining that work commitment.  In addition, new member will earn points for the following year for working that event.  Subsequent yearly membership dues are $300 plus an additional processing fee of $25 that is waived if dues are post marked before March 1st for the upcoming year.  Members who do not renew by March 31st for the upcoming year will be treated as a new member in the future.

To become a new member, inquire with an officer at a club meeting, event, or simply mail a check payable to Sandusky Valley Riders for $500 and completed Membership Application Form to:

Sandusky Valley Riders

PO Box 2

Sycamore, OH 44882

Earning Points

  • Attending a Meeting: 6 points

  • Working a scheduled workday (4 Hours): 16 points

  • Other Work: 4 points per hour worked

  • Points for track prep will only be paid if approved by a Track Committee member 

  • Working a Race Day or Practice Day: 50 points

  • Working Mini Track on Race Day: 25 points

  • Working Hare Scramble or Road Event: 25 points


Points Rewards

  • Elected Officer gets a free membership and dinner to our banquet for the following year.

  • 200 Points = Elimination of that years dues

  • 300 Points = Free dinner for 2 at SVR Appreciation Banquet

  • 400 Points = Invitation to SVR Appreciation Banquet and SVR bonus Award lottery at Banquet 
       (you do not need to be present to win if your name is called for an award at the banquet)

  • SVR Bonus Bucks = Any points worked in addition to 200 will result in SVR Bonus Bucks being presented to the member at the end of year banquet.  SVR Bonus Bucks will be capped at the value of an additional full membership.  Bonus Bucks can be redeemed for gate fees for guests, event registration fees, T-shirts & sweatshirts, and future membership fees.  Bonus Bucks will not expire and can be carried over year to year. 

It is your responsibility to make sure your points are recorded correctly.  Points are reset every year on January 1st. Points run on a January 1st to December 31st basis. The track is open to riding all year to members, with the exception of scheduled workday hours and race weeks.

If you have any questions concerning SVR policy, please attend a club meeting and/or contact a club officer.


Club Officers 2024

Tim King (President) - email

Mark Weininger (Vice President)
Tiffany Lachner (Treasurer) - email
Kenny Eddington (Secretary)

Kevin Peacock (Race Day Manager)

Nick Price (Safety Coordinator)
Mark Everett (Referee)

John Kelley (Road Captain) 

Club Officers
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